Thursday, September 23, 2010

Praising through the storms of life!

Is bigger than
The air I breathe
The home we'll leave
And God
Will save the day
And all will say
My glorious

Two weeks of praise with the same song can be so entirely different.  A month ago we sang this song when my Grandpa was getting better and finally able to come home.  I was praising God as he was helping my Grandpa get better.  I was praising him that the storm had a beautiful ending.

How odd that seems now.  A month later,  My Grandpa died.  I was going through sorrow and mourning.  At church this was the opening praise song and for about the first four bars I was thinking about how different it would be to sing this song than the last time I had sung it.  It was very different but as I sung it God reviled himself in a most amazing way.  Because Grampa had gone home to be with his eternal father he had been freed from the pain of this life.  Because he was Now in heaven he could be with me even through the 300 mile distance.  The idea of God as an all coming super hero is in this song and it's analysis is something interesting to me because it could give those that do not get revelation the wrong idea about God entirely.

I don't know how I feel about this praise song.  Like many it does occasionally miss the mark but thats due to human hands  and human minds involved in the process.  Please give me your take on this if you so happen on this blog.

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