Thursday, September 23, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis -

I hate how it feels to feel blocks in my brain from the lesions that are eating my nerves.  It is none the less a trial that God has given me for this life.  It is none the less a trial that I must live with and one that I know I can handle.  Real stretching comes from God giving you life experiences such as this.  Real growth comes from the life God calls you to lead.  I will never be perfect at written communication, I will never have good balance. I could never walk a balance beam without falling off with great injury.  I have a hard time running after others I have come to the acceptance of this being ok because of all the blessings I do have.
That is truly the key at least in my life.  Physical bodies fail and break. Emotions run rampant! One can't depend on their mind always.  These are parts of the situations of life.  It is how you handle all of those issues that makes you beautiful and unique.  God breathed from the beginning.

I have learned more from this life trial than any action put in my way by man and that is how God designed it. Blessings to you and yours.

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